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Hardwood Veneers
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True Quartered White Oak
Quarter Cut  American Oak with a good consistent flake  9'
length or greater
Bundles are about 200SF                                   
Quarter and Flat Cut
LYPTUS® is a Brasilian plantation grown product from trees
harvested under renewable and sustainable guidelines
encouraged by IBAMA, the Brazilian government authority
responsible for implementation of C.I.T.E.S guidelines. Beautiful
warm red/light brown color
Flat Cut Bundles are about 200SF  Quarters are 4 to 6" wide and
are about 100SF                                                   
An exceptional Santos Rosewood Log. Also known as Pau Ferro
10" to 12"  wide and 8' panel length
Bundles are about 200SF                                   
Santos Mahogany
This flitch is wide, up to 20 to 22". Also known as Cabriuva
8 to 10' length
Bundles are 200 to 300SF                               
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Beautiful white/yellow wood with a strong Fiddleback figure.  
Also known as Limba, it is an excellent substitute  for more
expensive Fiddleback Anigre.  Quarters 8 to 11"' long.  Bundle
size about  200SF                                                  
FiddleBack Anigre
Nice wide quarters, with a good fiddleback figure
Length 12 '   Bundles ~300SF                                  
Very wide at 18 to 20", this is a very nice log with a well defined
heart.  This is an exceptional value for a great looking veneer
Length ~ 10'     Bundles  ~ 300SF                               
Company Policies
Warm golden teak color.  This is an outstanding architectural grade
Flat Cut  with a length of 9'                                         
Honduras Mahogany
Genuiine  Swietenia macrophyla grown in Central America.  This is
C.I.T.E.S. approved material, cut in the USA.
Veneer is unclipped lengths from 7 to 11'
Bundles from 150 to 300SF                                        
Price  Inquire
Also known as African Mahogany, this material has been enjoying
a resurgence since the ban on Mahogany from Brazil
Flat Cut and Quartered lengths 8' to 11'                        
Bundles 159 to 300SF                                                    
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Cherry, Walnut, Maple, Numerous Burls and many
other species are available.
Please inquire for prices and other details