Birdseye Maple Veneer & Lumber

Natural  Birdseye veneer is available in all grades
with widths up to 40" and lengths ranging from door
shorts to panel length

Birdseye lumber is available in select material which
is sorted for color and grade. Matched lumber now
available for guitar bodies and necks up to 10/4

Lumber is also available in milled 4/4 which is all
pure white, 2 3/4 to 4" widths and  lengths from ~ 1
TO 4 feet. This product is ideal for door
manufacturing and material can be picked for
specific door sizes
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image of rotary cut birdseye veneer
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Small quantities of Maple Boards are available  HERE.  Wholesale Select Lumber is available in a 100BF minimum .Veneer is sold in flitch or
partial flitch quantity   
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Mill Direct
tel 973-783-2233