From full structural timber frames, to hybrid designs, to
decorative timber elements, Arrow-wood will help make your home
designs stand out from the competition. We can make it easy!
Our complete range of services includes:
• Timber frame design,manufacturing and on-site raising.
• Standard design packages.
• Complete architectural design services,including contractapproval &
construction drawings,and local engineering.
Available manufacturing options:
• Traditional mortise-and-tenon joinery with real oak pegs.
• New timber species including .white pine,fir,oak & cedar.
• Salvaged and reclaimed wood from warehouses and barns.
• Custom surface finishes and treatments,such as adzing.
• Custom doors,flooring and trim in matching wood.
Arrow-wood structures offer incredible energy efficiency
By using SIPS panels, normal thickness walls are rated at R27 and roof
panels can achieve up to R80. In addition the panels minimize air
leakage for even greater energy savings
We welcome inquiries from Architects, Builders and Developers to
take existing and proposed plans and adapt them to Timber Frame
/ SIPS construction at no charge
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Hybrid Frame System
Arrow-wood Homes was formed to provide home-owners, architects, builders and developers with a one-stop
resource for timber frame homes.
Let Arrow-woo
d Homes design, fabricate and install a dramatic timber frame in your next project:
• retirement, resort & luxury homes
• community centers & golf clubhouses
• wineries, galleries & spa/retreats
Arrow-wood has selected other compatible components to complete your building package, including high-efficiency
windows, custom entry doors and wide-board solid wood flooring.

. We can also arrange financing.
tel 973-783-2233