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Below are some examples of current or past inventory  as well as some upcoming inventory
Amboyna Burl Small Slabs
Amboyna Burl Billets
Buckeye Burl
This material comes and goes
very quickly, especially in sizes
large enough for electric tops
Claro Walnut Hybrid
A hybrid mix of curl and burl
This available set was cut from
one of the billets on the
Inquire to purchase
Western Walnut Page
Two more billets that would make beautiful tops
BEF51  1.25 x 12 x 24   $185
BEF55  1.25 x 10 x 24   $185
BEF52  1.25 x 10 x 25   $200
BEF53  1.125 x 9 x 24  $150
Big Leaf Maple
other billets available
please contact us
QMF39  1.25 x 11.5 x 24  sold
QMF38   1.375 x 8 x 24  $215
QMF43   1.25 x 14 x 29  sold
Quilt 5A
QMF58  .75 x 12 x 25  sold
Burl  -   Dramatic Figure
MBF56  1.875 x 9 x 27  $300
Unusual and Exceptional
CMF57  15/16 x 10 x 28  $165
CMF59  2.25 x 5.5 x 34
Curly Redwood
Recovered Redwood
Curl Slab  QS
CRC-1  2 x 18 to 20 x 32  
More Available Custom cut
Up to 8' long
Older Items
The items below are mostly sold
They are posted for reference as We have many similar pieces available
Please call or
contact us for further info
Buying from marksman
our mission statement
We are not an ordinary online store or a "lumber yard"  We take the time to talk with every
customer. We want to understand our customers process of manufacturing and end use as well
as what woods they are looking for.
Whether you are looking for a burl for turning, building custom guitars  or 50000SF of veneer for a
hotel lobby, We want to make sure you get what you need.
We are also expert at finding things.  Our connections in the rare woods and veneer markets can
search out North and South America as well as worldwide to find unusual and unique material.
This site is not so much a store, but a place to look for inspiration and ideas for your project.
Please take the time to browse and feel free to call or
contact us